Dear Prospective Members and Parents,

My name is Michael Spangler, and I am a sophomore pursuing my Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in General Business. I currently serve as the Vice President of Recruitment for the Ohio Gamma chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon at Ohio State’s Columbus campus.

Sigma Phi Epsilon is different. The brothers of our chapter are not content with complacency– we constantly seek to improve ourselves and each other. To continue our tradition, we seek out the best students at Ohio State to join us in becoming Balanced Men.

As a student at Centerville High School in Dayton, OH, I felt like I my life figured out. I had incredible bonds with my teammates on the varsity soccer team where I served as captain my senior year, mentors for both athletics and life in my track coaches, and the opportunity to impact my community by serving as a student ambassador for a local charity. Coming from a large high school, I saw the value in an educational environment that offered a plethora of diverse opportunities and experiences, so Ohio State for me was the next logical step; however, transitioning to a university with 60,000 other students proved to be a harder task than anticipated. As the weeks passed at Ohio State, I found myself constantly in search of the brotherhood that I had felt with my high school teams and a sense of drive that results from groups based in development and values. I knew that in order to be my best self, I needed to be surrounded by men much better than I– men who possess high ideals, lofty goals, and drive to succeed with each other.

I was first introduced to Sigma Phi Epsilon by an old high school track teammate and captain, Evan Miller, who was elected Chaplain for our chapter just after I joined in 2015. Evan was one of the most committed brothers in recent memory, sacrificing his time and talents to push the chapter above and beyond the expectations of each member, to find true value and growth in both our individual and collective endeavors.  Evan encouraged me to apply for the Balanced Man Scholarship, gradually brought me around the chapter, and slowly introduced me to our brothers.  While originally skeptical, I quickly noticed that everyone was extremely different. There was no “stereotype” to place on these men I encountered. These men were highly involved on campus, very social, and possessed a great vision for their future – the exact kind of friends that I had been seeking. I knew that this was a group that would push and mold me into the man I desired to be, and I could not have been more right.

I entered Ohio State a shy and somewhat awkward teen, but SigEp has transformed me in ways I never thought possible, forcing me out of my shell and offering me the opportunity to explore all that Ohio State has to offer.  I am also the Sponsorship Coordinator for BuckeyeThon, a million dollar student philanthropy group on campus, actively volunteer with Habitat for Humanity MidOhio, and have attended Buck-I-SERV service trips to North Carolina and Florida over my freshman year Spring and sophomore year Winter breaks, respectively.  I had the fortune of interning full time with Dayton Superior Corporation the summer after my freshman year and with Procter & Gamble this coming summer after my sophomore year. I am grateful to be deeply involved with my campus church and other involvements aside from my Engineering academics.

My experience as a brother in Sigma Phi Epsilon has truly changed my life in more ways than I ever thought imaginable. I have been fortunate enough to see us win Ohio State’s Chapter of the Year award every year that I have been a student here. We have also been consistently awarded at our national conventions- being recognized in the top 10% of chapters in the nation for the last 12 years. This is an impressive accomplishment considering we boast one of the largest networks across the country. Most important, however, is the personal impact SigEp has left on me in these few short years. It has developed me into a leader on campus, an honors student, and a better man. Sigma Phi Epsilon has provided me with the platform to pursue my passions at Ohio State, a full social calendar, and dozens relationships that I can rely on no matter the situation or time of day.  Our no pledging/no hazing model has offered me the ability to develop and grow with a sense of confidence.  I invite you to check SigEp out for yourself. I can say with full confidence that joining this organization was the best choice I made in college, and I know that the relationships I have formed and the mentors I have found have helped to carry me through my college journey and make this an experience that I can never forget.


Michael Spangler

Vice President of Recruitment